Museum Pieces is a performance project that forms part of my MA research. I’ve been intrigued by museums always, and interested in Site-specific arts practice (officially) since 2004I will be making a series of dance-based performances in museums, using their collections, architecture, staff and visitors for inspiration and guidance.

My first piece took place at the British Dental Museum on 3rd May 2012. They kindly permitted me to use their handling collection and a very old dentists chair. The performance formed part of the BDA Film Festival and we had a fantastic audience on the night. Many thanks to the BDA Museum for helping make the project so successful!

I am now planning my next museum performances. One will be in September and another in May next year. This blog will trace my choreographic journey, which will no doubt get tangled up with other artistic disciplines, professions and many histories.


Whilst studying for an MRes at Roehampton University and choreographing, I currently co-manage a community arts and learning hub for older people in Westminster for Open Age, a charity in London, where I sometimes run activities myself, including swiss ball, play-reading and dance.  I’m also a distance-learning tutor for the Royal Academy of Dance, and I write regularly for londonist.com and thepublicreviews.com.

In the past I’ve managed a gym, been a freelance teacher all over London including a stint lecturing at Laban, and an assistant therapist for disabled and SEN children.

Photo by Jonathon Vines

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