A new beginning

I’m plunging back into the research phase for the second installment of my Museum Pieces project. I love this bit, I get to visit new parts of London (this time the most northern I’ve ever been!) meet lovely new museum folk and learn about a fascinating new subject. I have Dr Felicity Ford to thank for introducing me to MoDA (Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture) who is creating the Sonic Wallpaper project with the museum. The museum space in its new capacity is all clean and kind of space-age, think air-locked, temperature-controlled cupboards for space-age conservation purposes.. exciting, and good for performance purposes!

For a museum with such a straightforward remit, the preservation of the collection of Silver Studio’s (1880-1960) original wallpaper and textile designs (more about this later) I ended up feeling happily overwhelmed by the scope of potential research areas. So I’ll begin big and hopefully whittle it down to something more manageable.

Some key ideas that arose today:

  • Once again, the role of the curator, the preservation of precious artefacts, and the delicate, controlled movement involved.
  •  Domesticity, particularly in reference to the 50s and 60s, when the mass market opened up to more people taking an interest in home decor.
  • Orientalism- Britain’s fascination with Japanese design and culture in the 1870s/80s.
  • All things floral, and how this source of design endures.
  • Art Nouveau’s huge influence on domestic design and architecture (1890s onwards).
  • Wallpapers that tell stories and repeat, including sometimes creepy children’s wallpaper!
  • Teapots.

Thank you for having me Richard and Louisa, you were great.

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